Tony Stark and his suits in full 3D glory

Iron Man 3.

It’s almost too epic for words.

Now, before you go running away in the fear that there’ll be spoilers here, just calm down. I hate spoilers, too. So I won’t mention any. Except that everyone dies in the end!

Just kidding.

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Rating: 8/10

Pros: Almost everything was a pro! RDJ was of course fantastic, and he seemed to be even more sarcastic and witty than in the previous movies. Even Jarvis was funnier. Ben Kingsley was unsurprisingly phenomenal – you’ll love his character, too. The plot is robust, unpredictable, and super thrilling. There were so many times that A and I turned to each other with our jaws hanging open, completely speechless. Everything was pretty darn amazing.

Cons: The only issue I had with the movie was that there were a couple scenes that I felt were stretching reality a bit. What I mean by this is that Iron Man has always been a movie with cool gadgets and technology that were, in a way, believable. Like “Yeah, I could see that happening in the near future.” This time around though, there were some parts where I felt they went too far, more on the side of X-Men or something. Another problem I had was I felt that they were trying to do too much in the 130-minute time slot. They’d be like “Here, meet this new character that has potential to be cool – no just kidding, let’s not develop them any further kthxbai.” These two issues are what dropped the rating to an 8 for me.

All in all, IM3 is pretty spectacular and I encourage you all to watch it.

Already seen it? Leave us your thoughts in the comments section!



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6 responses to “Tony Stark and his suits in full 3D glory”

  1. Bellrevue says :

    Thanks for the comment on my blog. However I thought the plot predictable and underwhelming. However the best part about movies is that everyone has their own opinion. Thanks again for the comment.

    • booniblog says :

      That’s what I said! O loved it but I had my reservations.
      I mean I love RDJ and I love IM3 but this one took a couple of steps too far! They could have removed so many elements and still made a prime movie in my opinion. I blame Hollywood pressure and the curse of the third! But I would never ever ever blame RDJ hehe.

      Thanks for your great review and for stopping by!


  2. CMrok93 says :

    It’s a strange angle they decide to take with Stark, but it’s one that works in showing him as a true hero. Good review.

  3. thefashioncoup says :

    I couldn’t agree more! I saw IM3 the other day and pretty much thought exactly the same as you!
    I wasn’t expecting Mandarin’s character to turn out like it did, if you know what I mean… (trying so hard not to spoil anything!)


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